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Privacy Policy for cobwebs google slide this is the privacy policy for the cobwebs google slides app. The app is a simple script that will roll dice and randomly place them on the cobwebs playmat. This helps facilitate the online play of cobwebs, which relies on using a physical mat as a die drop to randomize certain aspects of the game.
The Ants The ants file into your kitchen. Theirs is not hunger, duty, or curiosity. They don’t fear you the way the mouse does.
On Unfinished Projects The first real creative outlet I ever had was the video production work I did in high school. I loved it. I had a good group for it, but we all split off to different universities and never really picked up where we left off. Here's a post about creative dead-ends written on my birthday
What happened to this whole thing? Hello again. Approximately 17 months ago, I set up this website. I spent a good couple of weeks learning HTML, figuring out how to use github pages to host a website for free, and configuring it to approximately my liking. Hell, I even made a comment section that bots have been spamming ever since. I explain why I made a website and then never posted to it
What is this going to be? First off I’d like to say hello to the void that I’ll be sending these posts to. I’ve set this site up as a way to force myself into doing some writing, and there’s no plan to promote it to get readers or anything like that. I’m mostly doing this because the act of publishing something feels like a good motivation to start doing some short writing - having a tangible¹ product at the end of the day feels like an accomplishment and thus something to come back and contribute to again and again. I explain what this page will be and why I'm doing it.